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I recently read an article that spoke to me so much. It touched me not only as an SLP, but as a mom. I think because I'm an SLP, I've never been afraid to seek help for my kids. All three of my kids have either been in speech therapy or been evaluated for speech therapy (hello wandering mom SLP brain). But you know what? I saw a huge improvement in my son's voice after therapy, an improvement with my son's eating, and an improvement with my daughter's early language skills.

The article I read from, says, "We are the silent army for our children." YES!!! Often, we are the ones who feel it in our souls. We know something is not quite right with our child. I knew my son was "strong willed" "head strong" and "hyper. " I'm glad I pursued his diagnosis of ADHD (more on that diagnosis and impact later) to help me better understand him. As a seven year old boy, he hates those four letters, but I hope that he will someday embrace his diagnosis and learn how to cope with it.

Every day we hear stories of (typically well meaning) people telling parents to "wait it out," "my son didn't talk until he was four," "he's just a boy," etc. As SLPs and moms, we are here to say, IF YOUR INSTINCTS TELL YOU THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG, SEEK HELP!

Jill is very outspoken about how grateful she is that she listened to her instincts and got a dyslexia diagnosis for her son. We love our teachers, doctors, co-workers, but our kids are not their kids. We must ADVOCATE for our own!

I must leave you with another piece of the article I read that inspired me to write this blog post:

"If someone puts up a road block, find a different road.

If someone says no, find a way to turn it into a yes.

If someone says your child is fine but you know he's not, speak up.

Because the worst thing we can do as parents is not fight for our kids.

If you suspect something is going on with your child, don't accept the first answer you're given."

Here's the link to the article that made me emotional today. :)

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